4 things to love about the AJS motocross track

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The AJS Motorcycle Club in Wanneroo is one of the most well-known tracks in Western Australia, and there’s good reason for it. 

The club has been around for decades (as my old man keeps reminding me with his stories of racing there back in the day), and before becoming an independent club, it was WA’s location each time the MX Nationals came to the state. 

There’s lots to love about this place that make it a good choice to sign up, but here are four highlights!

ajs motocross track


First things first, the current layout at AJS is pretty enjoyable with enough challenges to keep you on your toes. 

When it’s smooth, it’s damn fast, but they’ve recently switched up the layout for the 2020 season, adding in a few new sections to slow things down. 

There’s a variety of jumps in different sizes - from the gnarly tabletop into the quarry section, to the finish step-up coming out of it. 

Probably one of the best aspects of the track are the turns - there are so many different types of corners where you can just send it in and rail it, and then there are corners where you need to get up on the pegs and master the rolling bumps.


The really cool thing that I love about AJS is that when you’re a member, you can access the track at any time you like (except for when they close it for events and maintenance!).

You simply get a key, and you can go riding whenever it’s convenient. This means the track is never packed with riders, and if you score a day off work during the week, you can head out instead of having to wait for the weekend. 

Adding to the access is that fact the club is independent - this means anyone can sign up and you don’t need a Motorcycling Australia competition licence to join and ride the track.

ajs motocross track


I think a lot of you will agree with me here, but how damn good is it riding a track that’s watered? 

I really appreciate that AJS has its sprinklers scheduled to turn on daily, which comes in super handy over the summer months.

There aren’t too many tracks that get constant watering, so this is something I absolutely love about riding at the Wanneroo circuit, simply because every time I head out there, I know the dirt is going to be pretty good in most sections of the track. 

ajs motocross track


Anyone who knows AJS knows just how rough it can get, although the club regularly touches up sections of the track. 

I’m not saying it’s completely prepped every week - it was pretty beat up when I rode there over the weekend, although an entire section had been completely prepped, which made things that bit more enjoyable. 

Even when it is just a section here or there, it makes a difference, but they never seem to let the track get too out of hand before touching it up, and if there any parts that get super gnarly, they’re quick to get it fixed and make things easier for us everyday riders.

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