Daniel Guy underwent knee surgery, but COVID-19 meant it almost didn't happen

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West Coast Motorcycles Honda rider Daniel Guy had been logging plenty of laps this off-season in preparation for his strongest campaign yet, although just as life as we knew it came to a pause, so did his season with an injury blow.

The first major hitout - and the only one - of the year at the Bunbury Best in the West Open saw Guy put in a promising start to his campaign, recording a 9-11-7 scorecard for eighth overall. 

However, it was a day later while putting in more laps of practice that saw him suffer a freak accident, completely tearing the ACL and MCL in his left knee.

daniel guy

“We raced Bunbury on the Saturday, and then Brendon [Bayliss] and I came up with the idea to get up nice and early to go out riding at Dirt Rider Heaven on Sunday,” Guy explained. “I only went out for the first moto - lap after lap I was really smooth and consistent. 

“But I went over the two tabletops where we park and into the really fast right-hander, and then one lap there was this little rock that I didn’t see until the last minute - it’s just kicked my back-end out. 

“As it did that, I tried to get on the throttle to get out of it, but it flicked me and high-sided me. I saw my foot as I came down and it just snapped sideways right at my knee. I snapped my ACL and MCL, as well as a little bone.”  

The injury required Danny G to undergo surgery for a full knee reconstruction, but the timing of the injury amid the coronavirus outbreak almost denied him of repairing the damage, with most hospitals cancelling non-essential procedures.

He managed to get the call-up, albeit it at the last minute, and was able to begin his long road to recovery. The number six has been given a recommendation of 9-12 months on the sidelines, however he’s hopeful of being back in six months - which, depending on when we return to racing, could see him back in the mix before the year is out.

“At first I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to get surgery because of the coronavirus, so I was sort of panicking,” he admitted. “I had a word to the doctor, and then after not hearing anything from them, he called me on the Monday saying I had surgery - lucky I hadn’t eaten anything, so I got in the car and went straight down there. I had it all sorted.

daniel guy

“They said it would be between 9-12 months recovery - I just watched something on [Jeremy] Mcgrath yesterday, and he’s back riding after six months. I don’t know, I seem to heal pretty quickly compared to others. It’s kind of worked in my favour at the moment [with the coronavirus], but it’s still a bummer - I don’t want to be watching any racing [laughs].”

While it’s a bitter blow for the Western Australian, the timing of the injury couldn’t have happened during a better period as we all experience some downtime. 

But when we’re back racing, I hope it’s with a Danny G on the gates.