Ask yourself these two questions before getting dirt bike insurance

Deciding to purchase dirt bike insurance isn’t as easy of a decision as it is for your car or home.

It’s mainly because there aren’t many companies that offer it, and the ones that do, the cost doesn’t exactly match the cover they provide. 

When I purchased a new bike in the last 12 months, there were two main questions I asked myself before deciding if dirt bike insurance was something for me. 


This is a really good question to ask ourselves, as the most common reason we’re looking into insurance is due to theft. 

Not all of us have access to a highly-secure place or area to store our bikes, which means that our bike could be more susceptible to theft. 

Insurance can be a bit of peace of mind if you don’t have the most secure place for storage, and it’s also nice to know when you’re on the road travelling to races, where generally, bike security isn’t as high as where you would normally store it. 

Now you might be very confident in the security systems you have in place, and therefore, the chances of theft are decreased and reduce the need for insurance. 

I would consider myself in this category as I’m over the top when it comes to bike security, but as we’ve all seen before, thieves will still make an attempt.


This is the question that ultimately made up my mind in whether or not I should get dirt bike insurance. 

Basically, if I was to lose my bike through fire or theft, I wouldn’t be able to afford to replace it any time soon. 

The thought of not being able to ride for months is enough for me to pay for dirt bike insurance, and it just gives me the peace of mind that I’ll be able to get back to riding as soon as possible.

dirt bike insurance

I worked incredibly hard to get the money together to buy my bike in the first place, and I’m not prepared to give that up, even if it’s out of my control.

Now I’m probably in the lower-income bracket as some of you might be as well, but there are likely some of you reading this that are in a better financial position and be able to afford to replace a dirt bike more easily.

If you’re well-financed and have secure storage, then dirt bike insurance may not be worth the cost versus the chances of something happening to it.

Dirt bike insurance isn’t essential and it’s not for everyone - in fact, most riders I know don’t have insurance, and my old man never bought insurance for our bikes as we grew up racing. 

Just as these two questions helped me make a decision, they may also help you make a decision.