6 things you need to have organised before racing the 2020 motocross season

The 2020 motocross season is already here, and I’m putting the final touches together ahead of my first couple of races over the next two weekends. 

There’s been a number of bits and pieces I’ve had to get ready, so I’ve put together a list of six things to have organised before going racing this year, which might just come in handy.


Organising goggles for upcoming races is definitely at the top of my list! And I don’t mean cleaning and prepping them, I mean making sure I have both tear-off and roll-off options ready to go. 

With only a selection of clubs and events earning tear-off exemptions, it can be a bit hit and miss as to what goggles you’re allowed to use. 

I’ve found that information on what goggles you can use is generally hard to come by, especially for club events.

The best option is to set yourself up with a few pairs of goggles, and either set them up to use tear-offs and roll-offs, or have roll-offs readily available to attach to them. 

I’ll be setting up a couple of pairs that will remain roll-off only, just to make things easier.

getting ready for motocross


Ensuring you have numbers on your bike or the back of your jersey/chest protector is an obvious one, but everyone likes to leave this to the last minute, which can actually put you at risk of not getting it done in time for the first race of the season.

I recently had Westeffex design up a kit for me just in time for my first couple of races, and I’ll be heading back there to get my jerseys printed for the year. 

The guys at Westeffex are actually sponsors of The Motocross Podcast that I released this week, and have kindly offered up a discount code (enter ‘hammer400’ at the checkout), which will come in handy to save a few bucks if you haven’t already got them done. Click here to check them out.


There’s always a difference between the bike prep we do to go practicing and the bike prep we do for race day - we generally go the extra mile for race day, and the first race of the season calls for going even further than that.

It’s important to go over the whole bike and firstly make sure it’s in race condition, followed by ensuring all the bolts are tight, chain has the correct tension etc. 

Just by going over my bike this week, I’ve noticed I’ll need fresh brake pads for the weekend - it’s good to keep an eye on things like this that can sometimes escape our minds. 


It’s always a good idea to kit yourself out with a few spares before the season starts, and stocking up on the essentials will be adequate. 

Things like levers, brake pads, tubes are the key items to keep in your spares box, and they will keep you out of trouble. 

If you’re like me and still have spares leftover from last season, then now is a good time to take stock of what you have and top up anything that’s needed.

getting ready for motocross


When the off-season comes around, the pit shade and accompanying gear gets pushed to the back of the shed, and only reemerges when the first race comes around. 

Organising your pit set-up before the first race and making sure everything is order, including pit shade, chairs, table, toolbox, pressure cleaner etc, will save you from any headaches at the first event of the season. 

My pit set-up is pretty fresh, although we still recently took out, and luckily for me, everything is in order and ready to go this Sunday. 


The last thing you want to do is roll up to the track and realise you’re competition licence or club membership has expired.

This is more of a reminder to double-check those expiry dates and ensure you’re good to go racing.

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