4 ideas to make yourself more valuable to MX sponsors

If you’ve been reading, watching, or listening to any of my motocross sponsorship content, then you know how much I push for providing value to sponsors to ultimately earn their support. 

A frequent question I get asked is ‘how can I provide value?’.

So I decided it was time to write an article on four unique ideas that riders can use to provide more value to potential sponsors. 

You’ll notice these ideas will take time and work, but sponsorship requires both of them - so if you want the support you’re chasing, be prepared to put in the work, just like you would for a race. 


This is something I’ve mentioned in the podcast, and it’s hosting a workshop where you can engage with potential sponsors' customers. 

I think this is really suitable if you’re trying to add extra value to a dealership - you can host a workshop on ‘how to get started in motocross’, it could be ‘how to set your bike up for motocross’, or you could also do a ‘dirt bike maintenance essentials’ workshop, where you show how to change oil, clean air filters, and replace tyres. 

These are all things you have the skills from your years of racing, but there are new people coming into the sport who don’t know any of this. 

You can offer to host three of these per year at the sponsor’s store, and then they can offer it to their customers, as well as using you to build a stronger connection with them and make them customers for life. 

how to provide sponsors value


You should always be making yourself available to attend tradeshows and functions with sponsors, regardless if you think you’re irrelevant because you’re a clubman or intermediate rider. 

If you’re seeking sponsorship from a dealership, it could be offering to attend their next car park sale and mingling with customers, while bringing your bike in to put on display. 

It could also be doing the same at a tradeshow they're attending, while they may also host internal functions for their staff, where you could attend as a special guest. 

It’s the same if you’re seeking sponsorship from a gear distributor - you offer yourself to attend and speak at product launches that they’ll host throughout the year with their dealer network. 

If you offer yourself to attend any tradeshows and functions from the beginning, it also removes any tension in the sponsor asking you to do it.

The value in you attending tradeshows and functions is again to use yourself - a unique figure that’s not an employee of the company - to build new and stronger connection with customers.


Creating an experience for your sponsors is nothing new in motorsport, and it’s typically seen on the elite level through corporate facilities at events. 

Just because it’s typically seen on the elite level, it doesn’t mean you - a clubman, intermediate, or local pro - can’t do the same. 

An idea is offering a VIP experience for them at a selection of events throughout the year, where you cover their entry costs, provide them with food and beverages, (which you might have to call upon the help of your mates and family), and essentially give them a unique experience where they get all access to watching you race all day. 

This doesn’t need to be fancy either - it can be as simple as cooking up some snags and having some drinks in the esky. It’s something that the sponsor will really appreciate, and it would be a nice ‘personal’ value add to what you’re already offering.

Alternatively, and sticking to the to dealership sponsor theme, you could host a ride day where all the staff and their customers bring out their bikes and come for a ride with you. This is something that would be relatively easy to set-up and host, and you get to join in on the fun also.

how to provide sponsors value


A lot of brands and businesses - especially smaller ones - need content for their social media channels, and this is something you can offer them. 

You might have a photographer or videographer friend that can donate their time for you, where you can create specific content for the business’ social media pages. 

Now by this, I don’t mean creating content for yourself that they can also use - I mean strategically making videos and photos around the sponsor’s product or service which they can serve to their audience first, and then you can re-use it. 

To make it a well-rounded offer, you could commit to say two videos and six images per month over a sixth month period - it would be smart to batch film/photograph once a month.

This is a really strong value add, particularly to motocross companies that are starting to take social media seriously (finally!).