Selling your dirt bike? Here’s how to take better photos

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Photos can be the difference between someone clicking on your dirt bike advert or simply scrolling past it, yet, many riders still overlook posting a strong and impressive set of images with their listing. 

The good news is you don’t a fancy camera or someone who knows how to take photos to improve your listing images on Gumtree, Facebook or even our own Marketplace - you just need your iPhone and these five tips...


One of the key aspects of taking a good image is composition, and it’s super simple when taking photos of your bike. 

Getting level with the bike when you’re taking photos makes a massive difference in how appealing it is - if you scroll through Gumtree ads, you’ll see almost everyone is standing and shooting down towards their bike. 

By kneeling down and getting level, the photo will not only catch attention by being different to the rest, but it will also present your bike in a much better manner.

how to take photos dirt bike


This is a mistake made all too often when selling a bike! Riders will quickly click off two photos in portrait, however almost every platform uses landscape as its favoured orientation. 

The other issue with shooting in portrait orientation is that you have to stand too far away from the bike to fit it all in, where as landscape allows you to fit the entire bike in the frame and still be nice and close. 

The only time portrait would be acceptable is for close up details, but even then, I would still stick to landscape, especially if you’re advertising the bike across multiple platforms.

how to take photos dirt bike


Unless you have amazing lighting inside your shed, I’d highly recommend taking photos of your bike outside. 

Lighting is the determining factor between a bad photo and good photo - my advice is to shoot early in the morning or late in the afternoon - this when the light is best on a sunny day. 

Avoid taking photos in the middle of the day as this is when the light isn’t great and will provide poor results, while if it’s overcast, or you have a significant amount of shade, then shooting any time during the day will be adequate. Even light is the best light!

how to take photos dirt bike


Placing the bike in front of a clean and simple background is almost important as shooting the photos in the right light. 

The reason for using a clean background is to reduce any distraction in the image, putting the entire focus of attention on your bike. 

This is a small tip that makes a massive difference, and it will definitely make your advert stand out from the others.

how to take photos dirt bike


In my experience, there’s nothing worse to come across what looks like a good bike for sale, but then there are only two images of it. 

Forcing a potential buyer to request additional images is a bit of turn off and starts to raise some red flags. 

Remember to get up close with your bike and shoot multiple angles - include two wide images of the entire bike from either side, as well close-ups of features like the engine, shrouds, seat and controls. 

If there are any additional features such as aftermarket parts or any damage that’s been noted, take photos of these aspects as well. 

Combining these five tips will transform your images, and none of them require too much extra effort. If you have any further questions on how to take better photos of your dirt bike, you can shoot me an email

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