4 ways we can help the MX industry through the COVID-19 pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has really escalated in recent weeks, forcing motocross events across the state, country and world to either be cancelled or postponed. 

Not only that, but a number of businesses are being forced to endure an incredibly difficult time with a host of government-imposed restrictions, which is either restricting them from trading, or they’re simply losing business and income as a result. 

I’ve already personally experienced the negative impact it’s having on the moto industry, and it’s really made me think about how we can all do our small part to keep the industry alive as the virus affects peoples health and livelihoods.

Before getting into the four ways we can support the industry, I want to stress that if you’re even feeling the slightest bit unwell, then please stay home, and please practice good hygiene everywhere you go. Just be smart about what you're doing and where you're going.


We’re really fortunate that the sport we love doesn’t require us to be involved with too many people when we go riding, and we’re even more so fortunate here in Western Australia to be able to join a club, get a key and access the track basically any time we like. 

As it stands, riding a dirt bike is still on the cards (we haven’t been put in lockdown just yet), especially considering the club situation in WA, where it’s almost certain you won’t come into contact with anyone at the track, and you’ll essentially have the place to yourself.

Our clubs are really going to be impacted by the ban on mass-gatherings, as they rely on their club events, which offer income through entries and the bar and canteen, to keep the wheels moving. 

It means we have to step up and support them to ensure they’re still around when things return to normal, and a great way of doing that is joining a new club - it not only gives you another place to ride, but it also provides a financial boost to the club.

motocross industry coronavirus


Obviously, we’re being encouraged to only visit retail stores that are essential, but that doesn’t mean you can’t support local motocross dealers and stores by buying parts, accessories and gear online.

Thankfully, a lot of bike shops have created online stores - some are better than others - where we can still browse products and buy what we need.

By doing this, we can really keep these shops and the industry alive throughout what’s going to be a tough time on them. 

For some stores, their online shops may not have been a priority in the past, so just take a patient and understanding approach when going about your moto shopping.

Here are a couple of businesses where you can get your motocross parts, gear, graphics and training online: 

Cully’s Motorcycle Centre

Bunbury KTM/Suzuki

West Coast Motorcycles

No Limits Moto

Westeffex Design Company (use code hammer400 for mates rates)


Driven Athlete Training

motocross industry coronavirus


Adding onto the previous point is buying a gift card from your favourite retailers - now you might be thinking what’s the point in that? 

Well, if you don’t need any parts or gear, you can buy yourself a future present by purchasing a gift card. 

It doesn’t need to be much, but it would be greatly appreciated by the store and the extra cash infusion would go a long way for them and ensuring they can keep operating throughout these tough times. 

This a great way to show your support to your favourite store. 

Gift Vouchers are now available on HammerMX: https://hammermx.com/collections/apparel/products/gift-card

motocross industry coronavirus


As you’ve probably seen in the news, we’re being encouraged to minimise social interaction and stay away from gatherings of people to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

And as I mentioned, going riding at our local track during the week or on the weekend requires minimal social interaction, if any at all - it would simply be you and whoever is accompanying you to the track. 

The reason I encourage you to keep riding, is firstly because it’s what we love and we still have the opportunity to do under the current circumstances, but also because if we all keep riding, we’re all going to continue to use services in the industry and continue to buy parts and gear. 

This is essential to ensure the industry comes out of the other end of this, and by simply riding and having fun, we can support the businesses that even allow us to do it in the first place. 

The situation can and will change, and riding may not be possible, but while we can do it, we should do it.

If you want to support me and this website, you can do so by pre-ordering a hat or tee, or alternatively you can purchase a gift card here: https://hammermx.com/collections/apparel

Stay safe and healthy, crew!

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