3 habits to boost your motocross sponsorship chances

Motocross sponsorship requires the same effort and consistency that you need to go racing - just like you maintain your bike every week and go training, you also need to be maintaining and building your profile away from the race track. 

There are three key habits that I believe every rider should start adopting if they want to be taken seriously when seeking sponsorship, and by doing these on a regular basis, you will only strengthen your chances of landing support. 


Posting regularly to social media is the easiest and simplest way to increase your chances of sponsorships. 

Social media plays a massive role in sponsorship, but it doesn’t necessarily come down to your audience size - showing that you’re active across platforms and putting in an effort to build your profile will give potential sponsors a positive impression. 

There are so many benefits to posting a minimum 2-3 times per week, such as sponsors either discovering you or already knowing who you are when you approach them, plus there’s the fact you’re increasing your profile and building an audience, which you can definitely leverage. 

Now you might be thinking how do I come up with a minimum of 2-3 posts every week? Well here is a month’s worth of ideas you can use and get some inspiration from using just your phone or a GoPro.

  • Riding video clip
  • Riding action photo
  • Rider setup photo
  • Timelapse gearing up
  • Highlighting sponsor product/service
  • Timelapse preparing bike
  • Video preparing bike
  • Photo of prepared bike/shed
  • Photo of training
  • Video of training
  • GoPro one-lap video
  • Timelapse loading bike 
  • Timelapse washing bike 
  • Video washing bike 


A lot of riders will think that only the elite can get media attention, but the truth is any rider can get media coverage if they seek it out. 

My whole career has been spent working in the motocross media, and I’ll tell you this - there’s nothing better than when a rider submits their own story or idea that I can write an article. 

It saves me a lot of time, and I have an extra story write about. You have to reach out to media outlets and provide them with a story or idea they can write from, and you will be surprised at just how many will be willing to do something. 

The media won't come to you - you have to go to them.

The most reliable way for any rider to get media attention is submit your story idea to your State Controlling Body, who will more than likely run it on their website and social media pages.

    motocross sponsorship habits


    If you have never started a newsletter, then now is the time to create one. 

    Getting into the habit of sending out a newsletter after every race or every month while there isn’t anything happening will keep your sponsors and supporters updated with how your racing is going and what you’re up to. 

    It’s a great way to maintain contact with your partners while also serving as another opportunity to showcase and give them added exposure.

    And when you go to extend sponsorships or approach new sponsors, the newsletter will separate yourself from those who don’t have one, and ultimately strengthen your chances of earning the support. 

    You can also add media outlets to your newsletter contact list, and you may just find yourself on their website because of what you've sent out - remember to always include some quotes and an image in landscape form.

    An email newsletter can be as simple as sending it from your regular email service, however I suggest you use a platform such as Mailchimp (which has a free option), where you can really boost your professionalism and make yourself stand out.