Regan Duffy wants to reignite his rivalry with Jett Lawrence

It’s safe to say Regan Duffy and Jett Lawrence are two of Australia’s most exciting talents in the sport, yet they’re currently at two completely different points in their careers. 

Duffy is coming off an incredible 2019 season that saw him win the MX Nationals MXD title and stun the industry with a stellar Motocross of Nations ride aboard the 450, while Lawrence has become a global sensation after the opening rounds of his rookie Monster Energy Supercross 250SX West campaign. 

While the pair met last year at the Monster Energy AUS-X Open Melbourne, it’s their last outdoor encounter prior to that night of supercross that has left Duffy feeling like he has unfinished business.

regan duffy jett lawrence

“Now Jett Lawrence is like... the superstar,” 17-year-old Duffy said on The Motocross Podcast. “It’s cool, I would say there’s a bit of a rivalry on my end between Jett and I. I definitely look up to the kid - he’s doing so good over there, and so is Hunter - it’s cool to see.”

Just over a year in age separates the youthful duo, and before Lawrence and his family set off to Europe for the 2016 season, he was a fierce competitor and rival to Duffy. 

They last encountered each other in 2014 (Regan raced an older age group in 2015) at Appin’s Australian Junior Motocross Championship in New South Wales.

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They faced each other in the 85cc 9-U12 Years class, where Duffy came out on top in race one before Lawrence took out the title with two nail-biting wins over the Western Australian. 

With four Australian junior championships to his name, that title loss stung for Duffy, and six years later after their careers went in separate directions, he still wants redemption on the now American-based Geico Honda rider.

“We did [race together] - he beat me - he beat me by half a wheel at the 2014 nationals. I don’t think they’ve ever done it except for that year, but they decided to put 85cc small wheels and under on the first three days, and the big bikes for the rest of the week so we were separated.

regan duffy jett lawrence

“There was literally one line around the whole track, and Appin is clay, so it was literally a one-line track. The first moto I got the hole-shot and won by like 18 seconds - I just smashed him, but in the next two motos, he got the hole-shot both times and we literally go across the line together in both motos. He got me. 

“I just want to get him [back] - it’s cool, we’re going to race again one day, so I’m looking forward to that.” 

With Lawrence firmly set on a career in America and Duffy aspiring to be in Europe for 2021, it’s likely we’ll only see these guys against each other (in motocross) at the MXoN, should everything align. 

If you’re anything like me, then you can’t wait to see this matchup of Australian talent.