A pause in racing has boosted Ross Harron’s MX2 transition

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Ross Harron is one of the many junior riders who have stepped up to the senior ranks for the 2020 season, and with one race amongst the MX2 class already under his belt, the youthful Western Australian has already identified where he needs to elevate himself.

The Bunbury KTM-supported talent had his first major hit out of the season at the Bunbury Best in the West Open in March, which was the first and last open event of the 2020 season before racing hit the pause button amid the COVID-19 lockdown.

Harron recorded a consistent 19-16-16 scorecard for 15th overall at the popular southwest event, and the experience proved highly-valuable for the extended break in the season that was to come.

“So far it’s been pretty good,” Harron said of his transition to seniors. “Although getting used to the tougher tracks, longer motos and a bigger line-up at each race have definitely had the nerves going.

ross harron

“I sort of knew where abouts in the pack I would be, and I know where I could be with some more training - I just want to finish a full season with a top 15 in the states and no big offs.

“I found that the training I was doing wasn’t intense enough for the longer motos on rougher tracks. So I have started training with someone who pushes me more beyond my limit to adjust to the tougher conditions on race day.

“That’s when I noticed that I wasn’t fit enough [at Bunbury] and would be done after 3-4 laps, and my starts need a lot of work too - at Bunbury I was lucky if there was anyone behind me out of the first corner.”

Admitting he misses being at the races week in, week out, the 16-year-old, who was ranked eighth in the 2019 WAMX Junior 250cc 13-U16 Years championship, has been maximising the downtime to lift his intensity and level of fitness. 

ross harron

Harron believes he’s in much better shape and in a stronger position pace-wise for when racing returns, although he still feels there’s more to be to done to reach his full potential.

“Although I do miss the racing, I don’t think I was at my full potential earlier in the year and still not now,” he added. “But I think when racing comes around again I’ll be able to notice a big difference in fitness and just my overall speed.”

When racing does return, the number 695 has some strong support in his corner to make it all come together.

“This year I’m lucky to have Bunbury KTM onboard again, who have helped me out significantly by putting me on a race plan. I also have Hetty’s Scullery, Total Coolants and WA Fuel Injections who have offered to pay for some coaching as well as contributing towards a bike at the beginning of the year. 

“Also Risk Racing, Silkolene Oils, OMX graphics, who I get great support from though discounts, and also JF Photography who helps me out with all photos and videos on race and practice days.”

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