Motocross Sponsorship Coaching

Motocross Sponsorship Coaching

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By becoming a student of my Motocross Sponsorship Coaching, you’ll be directly guided and taught the best way to approach sponsors that will win their support and ultimately make going racing cheaper. 

The coaching is done through a consultation call, where we will establish your current challenges with sponsorship and discuss how to overcome them. 

Following the consultation, I’ll do a complete audit on your current sponsorship approach and social media accounts, where I’ll then formulate a personalised strategy delivered in a step by step plan.

What makes me qualified to coach sponsorship?

I’ve been a media professional in the motocross industry for the last seven years, where I’ve been able to work with the biggest brands and riders in Australia while travelling the country covering national championships.

In that time, I’ve owned and operated my own publications that depended solely on sponsorship from within the industry. I was able to sign sponsorship deals with companies such as KTM, Shift and Thor, along with a number of leading dealerships and brands, by using the techniques and strategies that I teach in my online coaching clinics.

Why take up Motocross Sponsorship Coaching?

Every racer no matter their results can earn sponsorship to save money going racing, but it’s how they approach and present to sponsors that ultimately ends in rejection.

My coaching will educate, prepare and guide you in becoming the most attractive rider to sponsors through unique and personalised strategies, professional presentation, and an approach that earns the respect of potential sponsors.

Who is Motocross Sponsorship Coaching for?

Motocross Sponsorship Coaching is for riders of all levels and abilities, including parents of junior riders, clubman and intermediate racers, and those that compete at the highest level.

How long does it take?

Generally, coaching calls take anywhere from an hour to two hours, however it's a case by case basis. Expect a maximum one-week turnaround on your formulated strategy and step by step plan on how to execute it.



This lesson is taught by Jeremy Hammer, who has over 20 years of experience riding and racing motocross, as well as 8 years of experience as a media professional in the motocross industry. He's worked with some of the the biggest brands and athletes in the sport, including KTM, Shift, Thor, Day in the Dirt, and more.